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Women's Trade Classes

Unemployment affects many families in El Porvenir. Finding Hope is working to address this issue. We run two trade classes, jewelry making and sewing, both aimed at empowering and encouraging women to provide incomes for their families and be leaders in their communities.

Most of the women in this program are unemployed, many raising

several kids on their own.

Through our bead work program, these women are able to use resources readily available and turn them into unique pieces of jewelry. By using old recycled magazines,

they are able to make beautiful beads and bracelets. This becomes much more than a simple piece of paper. They are now able to buy food, medicine, school supplies and more necessities for their family.


One-hundred percent of the profits of each product sold goes directly to the woman who handcrafted your bracelet. Currently, we have 23 women in the beading  program. 

We have just partnered with a technical college in the nearby city, La Ceiba, to host a small sewing school. The college is under an agreement with a local factory, giving graduating women from the school, a job opportunity.


The course lasts two and half months, where these women will receive a certification and be able to work immediately upon completion of the course. Finding Hope will be hosting the course several times throughout the year!

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