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Children's Center

Finding Hope was started with one mission in mind, to give kids hope. In a community where poverty is prevalent, jobs are difficult to come by, and opportunities to succeed are rare, Finding Hope wants to change that narrative.  Monday through Friday the children’s center cares for kids, provides extracurricular activities, and the assurance that these special children will come to know Jesus. Through spending time in El Porvenir and meeting the families that make this community so special, one thing was sure, hope was there, it just needed help to be found. Although job availability is few and far between, nothing stops these families from fighting. We found, that those families without a secure job in place, would find anything, to help them get by.


Some sell fruits, some clean homes, others sell food and even homemade drinks, just to bring in a few dollars a day. Many of these families, would leave their children home alone, to fend for themselves throughout the day. These are children, young children, taking care of their even younger siblings. Unfortunately, with no parental supervision, many of these kids get involved in the streets, drugs and alcohol, gangs, and even worse. These kids have had to learn at a very young age basics like how to cook and hand wash clothes, all while taking care of younger siblings. 

At Finding Hope, kids can be kids again. We offer free programs to the community of El Porvenir, Honduras. Working or studying parents can rest assured, that while they are gone, their children are cared for, loved, and taught about the sweet love of Christ. While these kids are with us, we provide homework help, bible studies and arts and crafts. They are involved in group activities, eat healthy meals, and take a clean shower before heading home. Through donations we are able to provide shoes, clothes, vitamins, medicines and school supplies throughout the year. 

We love these kids. Jesus loves them. We want to get these kids off the streets, let them know they are deeply loved, and allow more parents to work and provide for their families. Since opening our doors in 2016, we have seen families change, in a way that only the Lord can do. We have become a part of these families, much more than just a caretaker. We have been in graduations, church events, family dinners, soccer games, births, deaths, birthday parties and more. We believe a relationship with Christ is the greatest love known, and through our relationships with these families, we can share that same Christ-like love with them.

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